Both ordinary jammers and high-power jammers can cut off wireless video or audio

First of all, this kind of adjustable high-performance mobile phone jammer with 8 antennas is very suitable for people living in EU countries/regions who need a multi-functional high-performance signal jammer. According to the design of 6 antennas, this EU-standard high-performance signal jammer can easily intercept GSM, DCS/PCS, 3G, WiFi, 4G Continue Reading

Solution for signal jammers in detention center for cell phones

In order to meet the needs of the new situation, the detention camp’s scientific and technological preventive skills should be improved, the detention center’s scientific and technological management should be strengthened, the construction of an internment camp for digital information should be promoted, and the harmonious and stable development should Continue Reading

Why are GPS jammers so popular?

GPS jammer. It is mainly used by commercial, military and private entities for navigation purposes. However, before starting to explain the global positioning system overhaul, we need to fully understand what GPS is. GPS uses satellite systems and sends signals. The satellite is used in conjunction with a GPS receiver Continue Reading

Why use wireless signal shielding equipment in gas filling stations, petrochemical plants and other places?

At this stage, data signals are basically ubiquitous, and all electrical equipment will be surrounded by them. When there is no mobile phone application, the surrounding data signals have little impact on other electrical equipment. This is because when the mobile phone is not on the mobile phone, there is Continue Reading

How do Drone RF Jammers work?

There are a number of technologies under development designed to prevent dangerous drones from entering no-fly zones or causing harm to civilians. Among these, radio frequency interference (RF) or jammers can be used to jam the drone’s RF signal, causing it to drop out. An RF jammer is designed to Continue Reading