The Navy’s Jammer team has been recognized by the Department of Defense for excellent acquisitions

The “next generation Jammer Increment 1 (NGJ Inc 1) team’s” revolutionary approach to the development of the airborne electronic attack “earned him one of three David Packard Excellence in Acquisition, Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (USD (AT&L)) Awards. During a Pentagon ceremony on Jan. 6, Assistant Secretary Continue Reading

How to make a UAV drone jammer

What are jammers? Commonly referred to as signal blockers, devices used to block and jam radio communication signals What are the civil (commercial) bumblebees? Also note that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are human unmanned aircraft on board. The flight is controlled by the remote control of a pilot on the Continue Reading

Mobile phone signal amplifiers close the standardization gap and promote 5G development

The emergence of mobile communication has promoted the development of global communication and information technology. However, different technical systems and standards have brought great inconvenience to mobile communication users. At the same time, it has also hindered the balanced development of the industry and affected the common global information and Continue Reading